Friday, August 10, 2012

:our week:

Wow, this has been a busy one.

We reconfigured the chicken garden.
It took all week. I am beat.

Redoing the chicken garden was a priority. We really needed to reclaim our back patio from the poo. It is now beautiful and clean, and ready for a party (and I am ready for a nap on our outdoor sofa).

I am proud to say that we spent a meager $15.00 to redo the chicken garden. We bought a wire panel for the fence and 3 post caps. All of the remaining materials and supplies were salvaged. I would really like to do a bit more planting in there, but for now they have a Rhody for shade and a little pear tree that will take awhile to mature.

I have a ton of photos to show and will do so as soon as Photoshop is back on my machine.
Oh yeah, we also had to reformat our computer this no photo editing for me this week.

I have also been busy getting everything done for our big 20th anniversary party on Saturday.
We share this 20th anniversary year with my mom and step-dad, and my brother and his wife. We are having a triple-20 year party! Yay!

I will be back next week with photos of the gardens and the party.

Have a blessed Friday. Tami


  1. Happy anniversary! don't you hate when the computer gets grumpy and has to be reformatted? Ugh! Hope your party is stress free and full of fun!

  2. Oh, Happy Anniversary ~ to all of you! Looking forward to updates from your weekend :)
    (How are the chickens adjusting? Okay, I hope?!)