Wednesday, August 15, 2012

random junk

I am having internet problems this week. My personal IT guy (hubby) is in Hawaii. He is there slaving away on the family home for 10 days.
Poor guy. :~)
I am here, holding down the fort.
And...I still have no Photoshop, so no pics ready of the chicken garden. Sounds like I need a little blog break.
Our mission for the next 2 weeks until school starts.........beaches, parks, and lots of ice cream.
Tonight, we head up to the elementary school for a back-to-school fair. On Saturday, we have a family reunion a few hours away. What a busy week.
Have a wonderful week, and I will check in soon!
Blessings, Tami


  1. have fun! Two weeks! It seems like they just got out of school :)

  2. Such a busy time, that before school starts time. Squeezing in the last bits of summer fun, gearing up for the new school year. And a few family moments, too! Sounds wonderful ~ enjoy and try to squeeze in some moments of relaxing for mama!