Monday, August 20, 2007

Bit by Bit

"The true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of
gathering up all the fragments, so that nothing be lost.
I mean fragments of time, as well as materials."
The American Frugal Housewife - 1833

Bits of fabric saved over the years. Pillowcases, clothing, fabric napkins, a shower curtain, a sheet, a fleece blanket, and patience.
The ingredients for a less than conventional quilt.

I love taking bits of old fabric that might have otherwise been discarded, and creating a source of warmth and comfort for my family.

The challenge is to spend little to no money at all, to use what you have on hand, and fill in the gaps with pieces picked up along the way.
This is where patience comes in. It can take awhile to collect enough fabric.

The first time I made one of these quilts was about 10 years ago. This quilt has been so loved, and has seen many a little person learn to scoot and crawl on it. It has many repairs, but this adds to it's history and meaningfulness. My kiddos call it the "big blankie".

A few weeks ago, I was going through my bits and pieces and discovered that I had enough to begin another "scrap quilt". I've completed it just in time to welcome the cool nights that will be upon us very soon.

I find that quilting is such a wonderful way to build patience. Patience is so much a part of our daily walk with God and without it, we are left disappointed. God's timing is always perfect, and waiting on God takes patience. I heard a quote once, "God works for those who wait for Him". I always remember this when I find myself impatient for His answer or His leading.

The rewards for being patient are always so very sweet.

Have a blessed Monday, Tami

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  1. I just loved this post the quote and the quilt. How special to get to see you, quilting, Tami. Hard to believe it's nearly all made from scraps--it's *so* warm and lovely, and the colors so nice. Very inspiring!