Friday, August 24, 2007

Treasured Memories

Today, I found myself going through my 5 year old son's preschool artwork.
I had them stored in an accordian folder, and not very accessible to the little hands who created these wonderful works of art. Along the way he had chosen which pieces were most special to him, and now it was time to display them.
I decided to create a scrapbook for him out of the humblest of supplies.I used a brown paper grocery bag to create the cover and the back. A few page protectors to hold the treasures and 3 brads to hold it all together.The artwork on the front is courtesy of J.D. himself.

The sweetly decorated gift bag that held my "hand-made with love" Mother's Day gift last year.

A sweet valentine he made for me. I had to fold it up to get it to fit. When I open it up, it fills my heart.

Sweet little handprints, that before we know it, will be full grown.

Well J.D. is thrilled with the results. I love the fact that he can now look over all of his creations, and remember the fun times he had in preschool.

I hope to do this for our two younger children when they've finished preschool.

Sometimes I just cannot believe how quickly time passes. I hope to not let any memory making opportunities pass me by. To grab on to each and every one, wishing I could slow down the passing of time just a little bit, to cherish their littleness a good while longer.

Have a wonderful evening and weekend. Blessings, Tami

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