Monday, August 27, 2007

Love of Life

I just love the way children approach life. Full steam ahead, all or nothing, an adventure at every turn.
We had a wonderful Sunday together, enjoying a little festival going on in our town. We walked "downtown" and made a quick stop for coffee and treats.
We have such wonderful little businesses near our home. We are in an urban housing environment, but the closeness and smallness of the town we live in, makes it such a nice place to make our home. The "big boys" took a few turns on the rides and my dear husband peeked a bit a the car show. We headed back home, balloons in hand, very ready for an afternoon rest.
I love days like this. Nowhere we have to be, but just spending time together. Days like this go almost in slow motion, giving us that much more time to enjoy one another.
Thank you Lord for my wonderful family. Help me savor each and every moment I have with them. Amen.

I hope that you had a very blessed Monday, I am ready for rest. Blessings, Tami

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