Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Knight on Shining Chopper

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Above is my gift to my husband. I took the above photo of the painting with my gift from him. He is an amazing and generous man.

My husband loves motorcycles. This painting is my interpretation of a photograph taken by our 10 year old son. The original photo was taken on the 4th of July, on our way to our friend's house. We drove in the van and my husband rode his bike. My son was so happy to have pleased his dad with a wonderful photo.

I sure hope he enjoys his gift, for it is given from my heart.

God has so blessed me with a wonderful man, that loves his family with all he is, and who provides with all his heart.

I am so happy to say, that I love him more deeply now, than I ever have.

We'll be going to dinner later, a nice evening out, just the two of us.

Here is a picture of us on our wedding day. I was 21 and he was 25. We were so young and had no idea what marriage held for us. The Lord has held us up, through every hill and valley, and protected the sacredness of our union. Praise you Lord, and thank you for giving me the perfect husband for me.

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Tuesday. Tami

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  1. You look like a fairy tale princess! Oh Tami, what a loving gift--you painted it?! Very nice! And, let me finally *say* Happy Anniversary. I hope it was the loveliest of days for both of you. Your love for your sweetheart is very precious. He is so blessed to be so cherished.
    Lovingly, Jewels