Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On Being Joyful

I haven't always been a joyful person. It seems like being a wife and mama had a way of wearing me down. I was content to embrace my daily life as drudgery. I knew of women that approached their sacred position of wife and mother with great joy and enthusiasm.

Somehow I didn't get it, or at least I assumed that my "lot" was to just squeak by each day, and be so relieved when it was finally over. And these were my good days. On a bad one, I was guilty of checking out all together.

Then the Lord softly whispered my name. Me, who me? You mean I can have that- *THE* joy, really? The Lord answered yes, and has given me so much more than I ever imagined.

My eyes are open, and I see such beauty around me. My husband and children are pure joy. I can honestly say that I am happy. You won't hear me complain about a thing, I am just so grateful to be released from the lie that I was believing. I can have joy. God says so.

God has directed my path in such a loving way. His plan for me included putting some very special people in my path. Not to embarrass her, but Jewels at Eyes of Wonder is one of those people. God has given her the eyes to see all the blessings in her life so clearly. And He has given her the most beautiful gift of words. Her writing is truly a blessing to so many people.

The Lord has changed my life, and I see my life so clearly now. Blessings surround me, and now the eyes of my heart are wide open to capture every single one.

Go visit Jewels and be encouraged. I am so blessed to call her a sister and friend.

Have a blessed evening and rest well, In God's Love, Tami


  1. I am so blessed by your post Tami, thank you. It really describes me somedays! Don't we serve an awesome God? He is FULL of grace and mercy....

  2. what a lovely post. I am pleased you've found joy. Sometimes all it takes is someone to show us the way and suddenly we see it all around us. Jewels has a great way of showing, by example, how wonderful life is.

  3. Tami, what a wonderfully beautiful thing that God has done and is doing in your precious life. I am so thankful to be blessed to walk along this life's way as sister and friend, learning and growing, in His love and by His grace. Thanks Tami, for your kind words. I'm so thankful to have you as my dear friend. God is so good, you are such a faithfully loving encouragement *to me*, always. I thank the Lord for the gift of you, most truly. ((Tami))
    Much love, Jewels

  4. Thank you ladies for the very sweet words. Your encouragement is truly a gift. Blessings, Tami