Saturday, September 1, 2007

Busy, Busy Bees

We had a very hurried day today. We were expecting out of town relatives for lunch on Monday, but were delighted that they could make it today, for dinner instead.

Whew.....we were working at light speed.

My children are finally to the age where our efforts in teaching them have paid off. They are definitely more of a help, than a hindrance these days.
Thank you, Lord.

We had a very nice patio dinner, (bless them for bringing the food), and a really nice visit.
They showered the children with gifts, what a special surprise that was.
J.D., poor kiddo, got stung by a bee. So much excitement for one day......

We are all fully exhausted. The littles are fast asleep. One big kid to tuck in. Then bedtime for the dear husband and I.

I am the good kind of tired and can't wait to snuggle in to my comfy bed.
Good night and blessed rest, Tami

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