Monday, September 17, 2007

With My Beloved

My dear husband and I found ourselves with a few hours alone this weekend. We always scramble to take advantage of these very rare moments alone together. My Mother-in-law decided to take all 4 kiddos (brave grandma) to a local indoor play area.

We ran out the door as fast as our little legs could carry us, grabbed a couple of mochas, and decided to do a little exploring.

We had a wonderful time hiking up into one of the wooded areas around here. We were above our little town and could see everything.

I felt wonderful being together, a few hours, just quietly *being* together. Talking, dreaming, solely focused on one another.

Normally, we would have taken this bit of time and spent it practically; grocery shopping, sleeping, running errands, etc.......I am so glad we didn't.

I will treasure always our little afternoon together, and look forward more times like this in the future.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the Pacific Northwest. We actually have some cousins in the Portland area. Having time with hubby is a rare treat isn't it? I treasure it all the same...Have a lovely day, Tami
    Love, Carrie.