Monday, February 4, 2008

*more* Little Gems

"If we would have a true home, we must guard well our thoughts and actions. A single bitter word may disquiet the home for a whole day; but, like unexpected flowers which spring up along our path full of freshness, fragrance, and beauty, so do kind words and gentle acts and sweet disposition make glad the home where peace and blessing dwell. No matter how humble the abode, if it be thus garnished with grace and sweetened by kindness and smiles, the heart will turn lovingly towards it form all the tumults of the world, and home, "be it ever so humble", will be the dearest spot under the sun".

The Golden Gems of Life

If I could ever dream of owning this 100+ year old book, turning the pages that have been touched by so many women over the last century. Experiencing the same heart-warming and inspired feelings that they did, when I read it's passages. WOW.
I have a particular love for old books. This book would be a treasure to find.

Have a blessed and productive Monday. In God's Love, Tami


  1. Tami, I just took a bit of time this evening to read some of your older posts from before I found your blog. Your words and pictures of so lovely. Thanks for your gentle thoughts. I smiled at an early post about tiptoeing to the kitchen table for early morning time with Jesus. That is where I go as well, not by choice, but so that I might have as much time as possible before others awake. I wonder if that is a common picture in homes where mommies love Jesus.
    Love to you,

  2. what a wonderful reminder! thanks for sharing.


  3. So sweet Tami,
    I'll have to note that book and try to find it--maybe at a thrift store somewhere. Love and blessings to you..