Monday, May 7, 2012

blue bird prayer

At my ladies retreat a few weeks ago, there was another writing that we did. It was an exercise in pondering an object and letting that inspire prayer.
At the retreat I won a little handblown glass bird. This bird served as my inspiration.

Blue Bird Prayer

Little glass blue bird
Where did your color come from?
Surely not imagined in the mind of a man
A color so beautiful that only God could have created it
It is the deep blue of a tropical ocean,
the intense blue of a precious gemstone
that has been formed deep in the earth by your refining fire
Am I made intense and brilliant and colorful by your refining fire?
Am I given wings by your grace and love?
Will my path be made smooth like the glass of this bird?
It was only made smooth by the fire it was blown by
No two of this bird exist
She is unique
Unique in color, shape, and texture
Only by your hands Lord

Have a blessed day, Tami

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