Tuesday, May 29, 2012


{totally unrelated to the post, just a cool pic}
I was really going to try and keep track for a whole year.
If you have checked my *One Thing* page lately, you will see that I made it about 3 months.

I *really* like to finish what I start. This is a little hard to let go of. It's all good though.

I decided to be done with it for a few reasons.
It was hard to remember to do everyday or even every few days.
I felt like it was becoming redundant.

The good that came out of it?
I really do these things all the time (redundant) - this is great!
I have a list to refer to when I am feeling aimless and uninspired - Yes!

Overall, I would say that this exercise did what it was supposed to do. I took notice.
My *one things* turned into a lot of good things.

Learning to let go of unfruitful activities is a good thing. Maybe this will be the last thing on the list. Yes.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. I love making lists, many many lists. I love how you ended your list, clever you!

  2. It is an art to know how to end a list!