Friday, May 18, 2012

friday already?!

Is it Friday already?
Things really speed up before they calm down. Wow.
We are in a end of the school year frenzy. Field trips, class projects, science fair, playoffs, end-of-year teacher gifts, end-of-year coach gifts, parties, freshman cruise........WHOA.

I am ready for the lazy days of summer already. Even lazy days need to be deliberate, as we navigate and prioritize the summer fun. It would be easy to stay just as busy all summer. We are being picky with our plans. Keeping it simple.

Two family camping trips. Really fun ones with good friends. Yes.
Swimming at Grandma Kat's.
Lots of berry picking.
Growing and preserving.
Beach and park exploring.
Lots and lots of time at home, outside, playing with the neighborhood kids. Done.

That is the plan.

We are having glorious weather this week. Finally.
I planted three tomato plants yesterday. Old German, Sungold, and Sweet 100's. Yum.
I also put in 4 zucchini starts, 5 sunflower starts, and my celery experiment. I noticed that I have 2 potato plants coming up from the bed last year. I will leave them and see what we get. I still need to plant my green beans and more carrots. I plan start thinking now about what I will plant in the fall. Cabbage, carrots, and some greens to overwinter. We'll see.
Everything else is coming in nicely. Raspberries, snow peas, leaf lettuce, apples, potatoes, blueberries, rhubarb. These are all good.

Enjoy the weekend.
Blessings, Tami


  1. Sounds like your summer is filled with fun! We just got back from a beach vacation with the kids and I am vacationed out :) I need the summer to recover (ha ha!)

  2. Your summer plan sounds wonderful. Love the idea of being home and enjoying the garden, the yard and neighborhood friends. And the camping, of course. We have a camping trip planned, as well...can't wait!

    p.s. I linked to you last week on the great celery grow experiment! We are now on our third base :)