Tuesday, May 22, 2012

make do

Our kitchen is coming along. My search for the perfect set of old cabinets will be a long one, I fear. Until then we will repurpose and make do with the set of cabinets we pulled out of the island. I removed the butcher block top and hubs cut it to fit. We hung the leftover piece of butcher block as a "shelf" of sorts to give that L-shaped design I want. I will say that it looks pretty great, and will work really well for serving food and I like it for folding laundry on too. It is a little lower than cabinet height. We cut them down to fit under the window. I haven't tested it out yet, but it feels like a great height for me to hand knead bread. I need to finish painting under the shelf. My laundry basket wants to live under there :~)
Even though I have a vision in my mind of the perfect set up, I am happy to reuse and repurpose what we have. It saves money and it saves time. Eventually, the perfect vintage cupboards will make their way into my life, or.......maybe he'll make them, *wink*.

I am off tomorrow morning to spend 2 days with my 10 year old at Pioneer Farms. A school fieldtrip to teach us how families lived 100+ years ago. I am so excited to go with him, I did this 5 years ago with my oldest. It is so fun.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. I love your kitchen and I think those cabinets are beautiful!! I am also envious of that basket :) That would hold lots of YARN!

  2. Your recycling has turned out beautiful!