Monday, May 21, 2012

inside & out

A read a quote the other day and was instantly changed.

"There's a reason women want to be beautiful. It's part of our makeup, our innate knowledge. Just as we have an undeniable yearning to know God before we can even articulate it, we know we are meant to reflect His beauty. Cultivating beauty starts in our HEARTS, but we should not think our outside matters nothing to Him."

Can I get an Amen.

I walk a fine line of wanting to be physically attractive and wanting to let looks be unimportant in my life. I want to be loved and accepted just the way I am. A belief that I am shallow if I care about looking beautiful, and to focus only on inner beauty, for that is where the treasure lies. Then why do I feel so vibrant and alive when I take care of my body by dressing well, exercising, and eating well? All things that enhance physical beauty? Why would God put this good thing in my heart, if it weren't valuable to Him? I see now that outward beauty is valuable to God. I used to think that the inner beauty I was cultivating, would automatically be seen as beauty on the outside. Then I thought, this would mean that it doesn't matter what I wear, if I bathe, etc. ~And this just isn't true, is it? God wants all of it for us, the inside and outside, all for His glory.
This is so freeing for me.
I truly believe that each person possesses their own unique beauty. A personal beauty that can be ignored or appreciated. A beauty that when appreciated, is cared for and pleasing to the eye. I was in a sort of rebellion for a few years about wearing make-up. I hated that it was expected of me (by society and certain well meaning family members), that I would only be considered attractive if my face was painted. That really irked me. I wear it occasionally now, and feel pretty doing so. Living in rebellion is not fun, I just needed to let it go.
There's one other thing.
There is only one person in this world that I care to be physically attractive for, my husband. The fact is, he is human. He will never love me like God does. God finds me beautiful inside and out with a love I cannot even fathom. Humans just aren't capable of it. It will always be important for me to catch the eye of my loving, but very human husband. It is an honor for me to make an effort for him. I want him to still desire the woman he married 20 years ago, and to know it's important to me. A long and fabulous marriage brings glory to God. This I truly believe.

Here I go chatting at myself again, working things out in my head and heart. Writing always helps. I am praying with my hands moving on the keyboard, but my heart and mind are still, focusing on the thoughts and feelings, and processing what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. Thanks for hearing me out. What do you think?

Have a blessed and beautiful day, Tami

(the above quote came from a wonderful website called The Next Step.)


  1. LOVE that you do work out things in your head and heart, then write to share them with us. Don't change that about you! You are a woman after my own heart (...but a few steps ahead of me, lol!)

    This post is especially lovely and I think right on the money. Sometimes it does seem like a fine line that we are walking ~ wanting to cultivate and grow our inner strengths and beauty while loving, respecting and caring for the body that's been put in our care. I think striking a balance brings glory to God, in spite of our struggles to achieve that balance! (He loves us no matter what...thankfully!)

  2. Nice to "meet" you, Tami, and thanks for the link. Have you read Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge? If this topic trips your trigger, you'd really like that book.

    I spent years feeling shallow for wanting to be beautiful until I read that book. It sure helped me feel less vain. Check it out.

    I, too, spend lots of time figuring things out as I write. Totally get it, babe. You make me smile.