Thursday, May 31, 2012

my week

These days are keeping me busy, a late night post is in order.
Here are some little snippets from my week.

Gage and I made these very funny little candles at Pioneer Farms. We hand-dipped them ourselves. What a great experience we had there. I even milked a Jersey cow!

 I am tired of buying processed snack foods! So........I made crackers today. I used a few different recipes. The ones we liked the best were from here. I will definitely try them with whole wheat white flour next time. Graham crackers are up next.
I haven't made homemade Grapenuts in a long time. It is time for those, too. If I keep HM Grapenuts and granola around, it really cuts down on my family clamoring for store-bought cereal. This is a good thing.
Oh, and I also need to make yogurt. Looks like a busy Friday for me.

I am knitting a Baktus scarf. I have a bunch of sock yarn to use up, so I thought I would make a scrappy little scarf. It will be so nice and cozy.

I did my once-a-month bulk shopping yesterday. That always feels good to get done. This weekend is busy with baseball. We are wrapping up the season, and I think everybody is glad. Now bring on Summer vacation. Only 16 more school days!

Have a blessed day, Tami

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  1. How neat that you made crackers! I assume they were tasty. The scarf is so lovely and I like the idea of a scrappy one. (love the candles!)