Tuesday, January 31, 2012

::for the love of progress::

When I read a blog, or an article in a magazine, or visit a friend's home for that matter, my very favorite stories and conversations are about progress. House remodeling progress.
I was reading a blog post yesterday, about a lovely family that just put in long awaited french doors in their kitchen. I thought about my own french doors in my kitchen and smiled.

We have lived in our house for nearly 18 years.
This is the first and only home that we have ever owned. We have seen so many changes over the years. We have remodeled, restored, added rooms, removed walls, moved kitchens, and so on.
I like reading about what other families are doing to make their house their own.
I get a little nostalgic about the *years* that we spent in progress with little ones under foot.
We needed to expand and flex a tiny 100 year old cottage to fit an expanding brood.
I look fondly on those times now, but back then.......those projects could not get done fast enough.

The other part I love is the increase. The increase created by the hands of a family making room for each person. An increase in space efficiency, yes, but also an increase in joy, comfort, and gratitude for a new space and the hard work of a Daddy.
(usually all by himself, late at night, pouring himself into each project).
I like increase because it means we are moving forward.

We don't do many big projects now, mostly just maintenance. Sometimes, I miss those days.
The families in the thick of it would think that I am crazy.
When you live in your home for a long time you get comfortable........maybe too comfortable.
When things are shiny and new, I think we take great care to make sure they're clean and tidy.
Maybe not even new, but shiny and new to us :~). As spaces and items within our home get a little tired, I have a harder time keeping them *shiny*. I need to get grateful, and maintain those areas that my hubby and I worked so hard on. Yes, motivated.

I think there are a few projects in order. Making plans is a good thing. Bringing increase. Yes.

I hope that you have a blessed day.

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