Monday, January 2, 2012

::Mr. Talented::

{This is a forever piece of furniture, I love it so much!}
{Eric left all of the cool knots and holes)
{Reclaimed pallet wood}

{My Mama Box ~ a place for all the letters, notes, pictures, and *paper love* my kids bestow upon me}

     Have I ever mentioned how talented my husband is ? A jack-of-all-trades man for sure.
Last summer, he made me the most beautiful console table out of mostly reclaimed lumber.
It was an attempt to distract me from the *ahem* very large black box hanging on the wall
above it......need I say more. Well, it worked because every time I walk by, I take notice of his work of craftsmanship, and nothing else.

He also made me a super deep medicine cabinet and mirrored door for for our master bathroom, out of reclaimed pallet wood and a reused mirror. So very cool right?

A few Christmases ago he made me my most cherished piece, my Mama Box.
I am blessed and honored to receive all manner of paper bits, I love you's, and handrawn masterpieces throughout my mothering career. I felt like I needed a special place to keep them, where the kids could deliver their special creations, and where I could have easy access to savoring them. The box sits atop my cedar chest that I use as a bedside table. At some point, I plan to paint something wonderful on the outside of it, until then it is a distressed black color.

A great guy, my husband. I love that he makes us very cool furniture for our home, but I also love that he takes the time to seek out materials unconventionally. Resourcefulness is one of the many things that I love about that man.
Have a blessed day!

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  1. So glad to see you blogging again. I am a bit hit or miss right now on blogging but life over the last year or so has been super full.

    Love your mama box and so glad to hear from you....thanks for your comment :o)