Monday, January 9, 2012


I had a moment of victory in the kitchen today.

Rafe says, "Mom, your pancakes are the very best, even better than Denny's!"

Wow, now this could just be that he is the sweetest boy in the whole world, and would tell me this to make me feel happy, but he did devour the whole plate.

My whole-wheat "healthy" pancakes are now a favorite. I am, of course, discounting the possibility that it's the syrup, but that's part of the package right? :~)

I am one of those mom's who gets a bit of grief in the kitchen, trying to feed my family right.
It's nice to get some positive feedback once in awhile.

Feeding one's family in the very healthiest way is sometimes a thankless endeavor. But I press on, knowing that I am responsible for growing healthy adults. I pray that they look back and appreciate all the effort, and that it shows in their healthy eating habits as adults.

I just know, that like all kids that are now adults, we look back and think that our moms were *the best* cooks. We have a blissfully selective memory that brings back the good food memories, even though I know that I probably gave my mom a hard time too. :~)

We moms haven't changed much over the generations, we do the very best we can. The kids, haven't changed much either, they will still manage to complain LOL!

There are little victories. Maybe next time someone will think my lentils are the best, Yeah!

Bless you,

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