Tuesday, January 10, 2012

::Skirts for My Girl::


I had given up hope that my daughter would ever let me make clothes for her again.

She has always had very strong opinions about how she is dressed.
When she was 5, (she is now 8) I made her some clothes for preschool.
I upcycled, refashioned, and made a few new things. It was so much fun.
At 8, she is less easy to persuade.

I offered to buy her 3 pieces of fabric from our favorite little store in Country Village,
called  Keepsake Cottage Fabrics. The bribe worked.
The next challenge is to see if she will actually wear them!
I am hoping that if she has enough creative input and participation,
that she will love them and want to wear them.
This would be the start to something very cool for she and I. Making clothes together. Yes.

Blessings, Tami

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