Monday, January 23, 2012

::kitchen praise::

You know when your kitchen isn't exactly how you would like it?
It's sometimes hard to spend so many hours in a space that you don't love.
There are so many things that I would change about my kitchen, (like the cabinets I want Eric to build for me) ~but the fact is, it's probably not changing any time soon.
Because I am so ashamed to be complaining about a perfectly useful space,
one that I should be so grateful for every moment I spend in it........
It's time that I started appreciating the wonderful things about my kitchen.
So here it goes.

{very real photo - hello dishes in the sink}

My prep area. Enough room to make a bundle of sandwiches for sure.
I love my beadboard backsplash and my old bread board. I love my super deep sink.
I bathed my babies in this sink, it was so handy.

{this is Gigi our Giant Blue Cochen}

I have a patio and a "chicken" garden off of my kitchen. I love this.
Probably one of my favorite parts of my kitchen.
I often imagined having chickens would be hilarious.
I imagined that they would come up to the back doors and look in.
It was a silly thing, that I thought would be cute, and it really is.
I can be working in the kitchen and they come up and peck on the door.
I love chickens, they are so full of entertainment *and* eggs! You've got to love them!

{mixing up pancakes}

I love that we have a big table with benches to seat our family, and extras too.
When we entertain there is plenty of room for the whole crowd.
Hospitality is very important to me and being able to seat everyone is a top priority.
I love that I can do that.

{i love my mismatched chairs}
I love that my kitchen has a lot of natural light.
I have big windows on 3 walls, it is the brightest room in the house.
It is in the lower part of our house on a slab foundation with slate floors.
It is the most cool and pleasant room to be in during the summer.
In the winter it is cold, but the light is beautiful.

Even though I would love for my husband to make me new cupboards,
I have to admit that these "big box" store cabinets are very low maintenance.
I just wipe them down. At this point in my life that is a good thing.

My stove. My 1955 Hotpoint stainless steel, double ovened, deep-well adorned monster of a range.
I do love this stove. We bought it 8 years ago on Craigslist for $65.00.
Granted, it was half taken apart and I had to put it back together, but still very worth it.
It has it's quirks that I have learned to love and live with.
In 1955, stainless steel would have been a special order finish.
I have never seen another vintage range like it. So very ahead of it's time.

The window above my sink.
My view is not ideal (hello urban landscape), but it let's so much light into my kitchen.
During the summer, my Wisteria vine camouflages the building next door,
and I get lovely little bird friends that visit me outside my window.
A pleasant way to do the dishes, I'd say.

I am feeling better about my kitchen attitude already.
Just for fun though, indulge me in a little dreaming.

I would love this table instead of an island for sure.
This stove is a beauty.
A fireplace in the kitchen. Yes, please.
I love open shelving.
These cabinets are stunning.

I am so grateful for what I have now, it's fun to dream though.
I am off to make something in my wonderful kitchen.

Blessings, Tami


  1. Hi Tami,

    I LOVE the look of your vintage range ... Thanks for sharing photos of your kitchen with us.

  2. You have a very lovely kitchen and how nice to have direct lighting! I would love to have a sunshine ray beam through a window in my kitchen :)