Thursday, January 19, 2012

::winter corners::

A look at a few winter spots and corners of our home.

{teenage boy corners}

{little girl corners}

{little boy corners, and in every corner of our home, LOL}

{a cozy spot to sit}

{my sweet Jasper, always my companion}

{my little knitting spot}

We are having another *snow day* today.
I love having the kids home.
We went on a wonderful long walk yesterday and visited the "donut store" as my kids call it.
It was about the only business open in our little downtown.
Bless them for being open, we were very happy.
We finished off the day with yummy Taco soup. That warmed us up for sure.

Have a blessed day.

1 comment:

  1. Hello ~
    I found you thru SouleMama (don't we just love her?)
    I love the corners of your home and your life! And touched with your sharing of your spiritual journey and faith.
    Enjoy your snowy days with the kids ~ we have yet to have ours but fingers crossed for a little bit, at least!
    Paula J