Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I love my gallery wall, I am thinking of painting more of the frames white, and adding a few new photos. I love framing our yearly Christmas *floor* picture to enjoy. My favorite photos of the kids are on this wall. We also have a few old family photos and some of just Eric and I, so the kids can see Mama and Daddy when they were young(er).

I am making crockpot yogurt today. We've been making it this way for about a year. Try it, it's so easy and saves so much money. We use our favorite glass bottled milk.

I have enjoyed beautiful walks in the morning the last few days, the rain is returning now so I am back to snuggling up inside. I will be inside now until the end of February {LOL}. We will have straight rain until then. Oh, how I love February in the Pacific NW!  My chicken friends were out all day yesterday soaking up the sun, and loved every moment of it.

I have been enjoying several little handiwork projects lately ~ crochet, knitting, and making a hexagon quilt. The hex quilt might just turn into a hex quilt block, that is some close-up hand stitching! I used a printable template from MaryJane's Farm magazine.

Wanting to start planning our vegetable garden. It will be time to plant snap peas in a few weeks. Can it possibly be !? We loved planting Yukon Gold's for the first time last year. We will definitely do potatoes again. I am thinking the tower method using hardware cloth. We are also going to be creating a "chicken garden". We have the perfect space for it, an enclosed patio garden off of our kitchen. The best part, the coop and run are already located there. I can't wait.

We are taking a good hard look at our budget this year and trying to make room for some dream planning and saving. So nice to have that in motion. Attending a few Financial Peace University meetings. too.

I have been thoroughly loving "The Head and The Heart" radio on Pandora. How did I not discover Pandora earlier? It is making kitchen time so lovely.

I am off to enjoy a cup of coffee and dive into a huge pile of laundry.

Have a blessed day,


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