Tuesday, February 14, 2012

built in

You'd think that a 103 year old house would have, at least, some built-ins. Well not mine. Our home was built in 1909 with great quality in materials and craftsmanship, but was built for a workingman's family, translation - no frills. No fireplace, no lathe and plaster, no built-in cabinetry, no fancy nooks and crannies. I am thankful though, for the lovely moldings that they put in.
I drool over images I see of old homes. There is so much character. A lot of this character comes from odd little corners, nooks and built-ins. It seems that every bit of space was used for a practical purpose. We need that in our modest sized home.
We decided to make a built-in cabinet of our own.

I bought a vintage wood corner cabinet and we stripped it down to the box. We mounted it in the corner above our gas fireplace and decked it out a bit with molding. A good coat of white paint and now I have my built-in. I decided to leave the old red paint on the inside of the bottom portion. It was charming and will eventually be covered by doors anyway. (next project on the list)

I love it.
I now have a practical place to store my china and a few oil lamps. The treasures that I put on the top shelves are very special to me. I am not one for a lot of clutter, so if it is seen, it better be special.

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Lovely idea! You have some very pretty pieces of china :) The red on the bottom is perfect and I would not paint over it either.

  2. Oh, I just love it! Aren't you clever! The white paint and the molding are wonderful. And yes, leaving the red paint was just the thing.

    We live in a very old farmhouse (pre-1900's) that was built with nary a frill, built-in, or closet! So I know exactly what you are saying!

    Just lovely!