Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I finally got around to starting my inspiration notebook. Again, I am using a marbled composition book.
I am thinking of having 2 main sections. I want a place to put my favorite knitting patterns, the ones that are tried and true. I also want a section to paste my magazine clippings and print-outs. Mostly these are for home inspiration. I want lots of space to doodle, write notes and list ideas.

I love having a place to put all these inspirations, and using a book makes it feel a little like art journaling. Anytime I can make something into an artist expression, that's the project for me.

Have an inspired day, Tami


  1. What a great idea- Every time I write something down in my notebook I consider it journaling :D Even if it's a to do list!

  2. I love the composition book idea and LOVE the insiration composition book even more! I'm gonig to have to revisit your older post, I think, and get my own books started. I like that you are turning your lists and ideas into an artful expression!