Tuesday, February 21, 2012

right now

Sunday. Busy. Busy. Busy.
(not my favorite rhythm on a Sunday, I prefer rest.)

Monday. Lots of time in the kitchen. Rain, rain, rain outside.
Cookie making and my Grandma Joan's corn chowder for dinner.

Today. Lots of running around.
Orthodontist, dentist, playdate, Gung Fu........the kids are home this week on mid-winter break. The week has filled up quickly with things we need to do.

Tomorrow............hopefully a mellow day at home. Knitting and tea all day long. Bliss.


  1. I'm admiring your cookbook and your handwriting is lovely :) We are getting the rain today, I wish it was snow!

  2. Busy yes but memory making, too...homemade cookies AND chowder?! Lucky family of yours! Get those errands out of the way today so you can relax and have fun the rest of the week with ~ blessings to you this vacation week!