Monday, February 27, 2012

can you feel it ?

Spring is just around the corner.
I can feel it in my whole being. That urge to get outside and get stuff done.
We had a little power outage the other morning, lovely being off-grid for a few hours.
We spent an entire day getting our garden ready for planting. More photos to come of that. It's looking pretty spiffy. I can see little signs everywhere. Flowers starting to bloom, leaves budding, the woolens are starting to come off.  (never completely though, I love my wool).
I have a stack of books to get me through this inbetween. Lots of ideas and dreams.

Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. I get stressed when the power goes out, what is your secret to calmness? We saw snow drops blooming on our walk, I love the photos of your garden!!

  2. I too am looking forward to gardening season ... I'm hoping our weather will cooperate enough for Mr.B to drag a plow through our new garden areas within the next few weeks.
    We've planned to increase the garden here in our new house by about 4 x's the size of the one we had down home. I'm am VERY excited about having enough space to finally grow a year's worth of produce!

  3. We are putting in our first garden in a few years as we took a garden hiatus for a bit. Oh, and the plans for this garden! Ha! We'll see. But sadly, part of me is still hoping for just a bit of snow before we call winter done! It does look like it's getting to be time to re-focus towards spring, though. Happy to see that you had some garden time!