Thursday, February 2, 2012

the rhythm of morning

It is still dark. I hear the furnace click on, it will warm up soon.
I rise before everyone else, even the dogs. I love the quiet, a little time to start my day without
being rushed. A cup of coffee and email.
Kane gets up.
Time to wake up the little kids. Anya is the first dressed for breakfast.
I can hear the little boys playing and giggling upstairs ~ they are supposed to be getting dressed for school, but I love hearing them be happy with one another.
The sun is about to come up and it feels strange sending the oldest to school in the dark.

Making the kids lunches, the bread from yesterday a great success for sandwich making.
Need another cup of coffee.
Breakfast done.
Lunches done.
Always giving reminders to finish getting ready ~ easily distracted.
Teeth, hair, socks, shoes, coats, backpacks. They repeat the mantra.
I can see that there is a little blue sky this morning. The chickens want out.

Only a few minutes and they head out the door, the bus will be coming.
Out the door on time. Hugs and kisses.
I promise to walk them to the bus stop tomorrow. I tell them to be on their best behavior, as they run like wild things with the neighbors to the bus stop. I say be careful. They are yelling too loud to hear me, I hope they heard me say *I love you*.
This is my first 2 hours of the day.

Morning is always a blur.
Now for a little more coffee, and I will get on with my day.
I can't wait until they get home.
Late afternoon is equally busy, we get homework done right away, and look forward to a family dinner and time to relax together.
Evening is, by far, my favorite part of the day.

Have a blessed morning and entire day,

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  1. I had the same schedule up until our son graduated last year from HS. Now we have the two of us and it is different and definitely more quiet!