Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the pantry

I did a little pantry spruce up this week. I labeled a lot of my glass jars.
It was gently pointed out to me, that I am the only one in our home, that knows what is in them. LOL.
Labeling might help my hubby and some of the budding cooks in my house.
Just about anything that can be put in a glass jar, I put in a glass jar.
I really, really love the french canning jars. I have been very lucky to find so many at the thrift stores in the past. There are not a lot out there now. I also have big pickle jars, and other jars that I use.

I used a paint pen to write on the jars. I have used Sharpie markers in the past, but that doesn't stay tidy looking for very long. I might also order some craft paper labels for the jars that have rotating ingredients, and for the lids of my bulk tea jars.
I really like shopping in bulk, and this makes it easier to know where everything goes. It also looks quite lovely and organized.
Have a blessed day, Tami


  1. You did a great job, around spring time is when I get organize-y in the kitchen. You have great ideas!

  2. I too like to store our dry goods in large glass jars/containers.

  3. Oh, my...I see I have so far to go. I fear I am the most unorganized sort. But, I have been saving every glass jar, so perhaps an organized pantry is in my future?! One can only hope. You have inspired me! ;)